I'm Fatih Başkaya

Streamer, Front-end, Back-end Developer and Designer

  • Date of Birth18 December 1998
  • AdressKocaeli / Turkey
  • E-mail[email protected]
  • CommunitySupdent, Dayflash, Clinbe, Mansger, GDG
  • As the only child of his family, He was born on 18 December 1998 in Adapazari / Sakarya. He completed his high school education in Kocaeli. He has won his first award at a competition which he attended during secondary school. In high school he won his first world wide success by winning bronze medal at software development category. Afterwards he was awarded with the cerfiticate named hour of code by Microsoft in 2016. In 2017 he made researches in marketing and advertisement. In the same year , he received online marketing and advertisement management certificate from Google and Facebook.

    He completed his first student support platform called Supdent in 2018. Having a wide follower group in practice, Fatih başkaya keeps developing supdent. at the same time he is working on different projects.  -Wikipedia

    - Skills -

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • PHP
    • JavaScript
    • Angular JS
    • Android
    • C#
    • UI & Graphic Design

    - Blog -

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    Fatih Başkaya
    30.06.2021 01:41
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    - Projects -


    Supdent App

    Date: 13 January 2018
    About: Supdent is a student support platform.
    It's an application which enables student to enter their grades and homeworks into system.

    Link: www.supdent.org


    Date: 16 May 2020
    About: Dayflash is a free mobile app and social networking platform for sharing photos and short videos with the world.

    I worked as Community Manager and Ambassador Leader at Dayflash.

    Link: www.dayflashapp.com


    Date: 2 May 2020
    About: It is a web-based game where you try to destroy the C4 explosive by finding a randomly generated 4 digit code.

    Link: fatihbaskaya.com/BombFuse


    Date: 26 September 2020
    About: We cannot provide information about the project since it is in the development phase, soon.

    Link: fatihbaskaya.com/Befday


    Date: 30 March 2020
    About: A web-based game where you try to find balls through a flashlight and the gameplay changes as the level gets higher.

    Link: fatihbaskaya.com/FindBall


    Date: 19 April 2020
    About: It is a console-based desktop application where you can schedule your computer to shut down after the hour or minutes you set.

    Link: fatihbaskaya.com/Shutime


    Date: 12 October 2020
    About: It is a Google Chrome browser based extension application where you can save Idea, Note, Question, Bug annotations.

    Link: fatihbaskaya.com/Noty

    Faith BOT

    Date: 19 June 2019
    About: Is a bot designed for you to enjoy with fun bot commands while chatting with your friends on your server at Discord chat application.
    Also provides the convenience to manage your server.

    Link: fatihbaskaya.com/BOT


    Date: 1 October 2020
    About: Is a developer tool that creates Hex or Gradient beautiful color combinations for your designs.

    Link: fatihbaskaya.com/colex

    Pixel Arts

    Date: 28 March 2020
    About: I make and share pixel art for hobby and entertainment purposes.

    Link: fatihbaskaya.com/PixelArts

    Brands and Sponsors


      GirDAP Entrepreneurship World Breakthrough Platform Participation Certificate. (2021)
      Boğaziçi Institute Effective Communication Techniques Training Certificate. (2020)
      Udemy Entrepreneurship: The Making of a Great Entrepreneur Certificate. (2020)
      Facebook Business Manager Certificate. (2020)
      Udemy AngularJS Course Completion Certificate. (2020)
      Turkcell Web Programing 201: HTML5 & CSS Certificate. (2019)
      Turkcell Web Programing 101 Certificate. (2018)
      ODTU Introduction to Cloud Technology with Google Drive Certificate. (2018)
      ODTU Social Media for Your Business Certificate. (2018)
      Facebook Instagram for Business Certificate. (2018)
      Facebook blueprint eLearning Ads Manager Certificate. (2017)
      Google Online Marketing Basic Training Certificate. (2017)
      Microsoft "Hour of Code" Success Certificate. (2016)
      E-Biko 2014 International Olmpics 3rd Place of The World in The Category of Software Development. (2014)
      Mega Yetenek 2013 Logo Competition 1st Place of Turkey. (2013)

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