Take annotation as
Idea, Note, Question and Bug

with Noty easily

on Chrome Store on Microsoft Edge

Useful Dashboard

You can instantly access all your data from the dashboard. There is the feature of sorting categories for quick access, so you can quickly access the data in any category you want.

Export and Backup

Restore from a backup to another device or on your own device whenever you want with backup. or share your annotations with your friends.


Allows you to save your annotations in more than one category. For example, your ideas, notes, questions, and bugs.

Convert to other formats

You can export your annotations to JSON, HTML or CSV (MS Excel) format.

Drawing for annotations

You can make drawings for your annotations and save your annotations with the image of the drawing. For example, you can visualize an idea that comes to mind and save it with an annotation. This will help you remember more easily.

You can get Noty extension from Chrome Web Store
You can get Noty extension from Microsoft Edge Store
You can get Noty extension from Opera Addons (Soon)

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